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FTB now online

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FTB is now online with CFUK2.0

FTBU now online

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FTB Unleashed is now online with the CFUK 2.0

CFUK Vanilla in limited testing mode

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CFUK Vanilla still remains in testing mode, we'll now be focusing on bringing up the other servers shortly, with FTBU, then FTB, then Vanilla Classic

CFUK in limited testing mode

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Vanilla Refresh server is currently in testing mode, and we're ironing out a few bugs.

In the meantime, you can still play on:

Creative Flatland Planning Server (Pure Vanilla):

CFUK Offline till further notice

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We're currently prepping our upgrade to 1.7.2 and CFUK 2.0!

This will take quite a while! Sorry!

Keep an eye out for the next news post for the next update, in the meantime, you -can- play on

Creative Flatland Planning Server (Pure Vanilla):

Run up to 1.7 BONUS

Submitted By BRooNiE in Server

For all donations from the point of the CFUK's existence, till the server updates, all donations will be upgraded straight to VIP!

Keep your eyes peel for a new rank also coming soon on 1.7's release!

The polls back! Hurray!

Submitted By BRooNiE in Annoucement
The poll is back, for your own amusement and slightly hilarious off-the-scale humor, present just above where the private messages are on the left-side.


1.7 Upgrade

Submitted By BRooNiE in Server
Both vanilla servers will be upgraded to 1.7 as soon as a suitable Bukkit build is available.

Whats new in Vanilla?

- CFUK has a new server, Vanilla Classic.

Vanilla Classic isn't exactly moved though, the current Vanilla server will be moved to a new location with it's map and data preserved. This to make way for the relaunch of the new Vanilla Refresh server.

Vanilla Refresh is:
- A fresh new world with larger biomes
- Reconfiguration from ground-up of the servers plugins, and documented features!
- Full X-Ray protection
- CFUK 2.0 dev release plugin
- Faster performance, less clutter.
- Single world with Nether and End (removal of water-world 1.0 and winter-world 1.0)
- A gradually expanding world which will expand 2,000 blocks every month, starting with 3,000!
- An in-game poll every 9 months to determine whether the map is fit for purpose.
- A possible change in plugins and additional features

Questions from the community:

Will we be able to earn badges on the likes of FTB and other servers?
Yes! Most badges will be earned from in-game

When the server becomes more popular again will the teamspeak server be brought back even if it is just a free, smaller capacity one?
Teamspeak has rarely been used, and if demand for it comes, it will be back again!

If you have questions, please post them in the comments, as I (Broonie) no longer actively partake in forum discussion anymore.
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