User Ranks and Colours

Name Colours

Membership Colours


Players with white usernames are regular users on the server


Players with red usernames on the server are long-term players that have a registered account with for at least three years and are very trusted. When the server was accepting donations previously, supporters of the server would be thanked with a red username.


Players with green usernames on the server are specially selected VIPs of the community


Players with yellow usernames on the server are helpers who kindly give some time to assist with the day to day running of the community


Players with cyan usernames on the server are moderators of the server. They kindly give up their time to enforce the rules and help out within the community.


Players with pink usernames are global administrators of the server and community

Donator Colours


Members with a gold name have contributed greatly towards the server hosting costs.

    1 year ago

    Red with Black names are RedTrexler

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