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DW20 Map reset complete

Submitted By draze in Community
Thank you to all players for your patience during beta testing and bug finding.

The map has been cleared and appears stable. If you find any bugs/glitches/lag areas etc, please post the details in this thread.

[clickable link]

Also please add as much information as possible when adding a bug report.

I know this will be mentioned in many places however.

Please do not post any information regarding duplication bugs or exploits. Inform a staff member through PM or using (/tell *name*) in game.




DW20 post update map reset

Submitted By draze in Community

Due to the ongoing problems on the server please vote on the following poll.

[clickable link]



Direwolf20 1.1.1 is live!

Submitted By BRooNiE in Server
Hi all,

As per the poll hosted on the forum, the Direwolf Server has now been updated to 1.1.1 Beta.

Same address and port.



It's that darned time again!

Submitted By draze in Server
As DW20 has been fraught with buggy madness, Direwolf has released the 1.1.1 update.

Now for those of you wondering.

"But wait... Draze? isn't 1.1.1 pre recommended release?"

Simple answer to that is "yes" however your forever tinkering staff team are hoping that this release will cure some of the DW20 beta bugs and allow for a more stable enviroment.

For your deliberation pleasure. *drumroll* i present the DW20 poll for all you mad mechanics out there to chatter about.

[clickable link] (Link fixed)

The poll is open until Saturday 14th so get yer votin boots on and feel free to discuss the update.

Peace out,


A huge thanks to Draze - who pushes the servers VIP mode along another month

Submitted By BRooNiE in Server
VIP mode has now been extended another month, so enjoy all your VIP goodness!

I'm sure everyone here in the community is thankful - thanks Draze!

As always your donations go towards paying the servers bill which we put directly into it's CD drive, penny by penny (the drive to France just to do this every month gets tiring Zzz)



Direwolf20 server trial run - without CFUK plugin

Submitted By BRooNiE in Server
Hi all,

I'm still having issues getting the CFUK plugin to work with Direwolf20.

For now, I've put Direwolf20 up as plain vanilla and default as it could ever be.

Feel free to jump in!


Nether to be reset

Submitted By BRooNiE in Server
Hello all,

Nether will be reset this Sunday on Survival.

Expect new depths of hell to explore! (Hurrah!)

~ Broonie

Hungry Games Winner is... Droid225!

Submitted By BRooNiE in Server
Congratulations to Droid225, who is our winner of the Hungry Games!

Thanks to all that took part:

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