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Hi all,

Hi all,

This is notification, particularly to donators and VIPs of some things that may be changing here at CFUK.

This is officially around a months notice (August Mojangs EULA will come into "force") that donatorship privileges and features may be changed dramatically, possibly resulting in the reduction of donatorship time for members, extension for others, or access to donatorship features for those who haven't donated for some time.

This is currently up for debate, so feel free to shout suggestions in the comments, private message me, or post in the forum (Mojang EULA, official topic in Server Discussion)

The overall is basically, either everyone will have donatorship privileges or everyone won't at any time. Therefore when donating you will contributing to and for the community.

This means when your donating, not just you specifically do not gain any in-game advantages, but rather everyone in the server does. When you donate, everyone in the community wins!

As per the Mojang EULA however, we are allowed to give non-gameplay affecting features, so donators will still there exclusive colour, either being Donator, VIP, or CFUK Elite, depending on their contributions.

The way that this will be calculated, is that a target for the week and overall will be displayed on the website, if the week donation target is reached, the following week and the rest of the remaining week the donator will grant donatorship features to the community.

The target will be based on the exact cost of the server per month, rounded down to the nearest pound, minus and pence and my own money contribution to the server, which will grant donatorship to the community 4 weekends in a month.

We're expecting the target for the first few weeks to be already reached, as there is already active donation periods on the server which will be converted to contribute towards the target for that week (and any weeks after that, as it will rollover if the target is met)

I hope this clears some things up, I didn't want to ever change the donation system, but with the uproar of the Mojang EULA, I feel we have little choice as a small as a community we are, I'd rather not be at risk as if it's not Mojang, possibly legal representatives will.

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