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CFMP #19 - What is Daisy?

Submitted By BRooNiE in Media

In a week where most of the podcasters have played very little Minecraft, we bring you 30 minutes of losing track and DayZ talk. We do also manage a bit of news and a discussion on Minecraft inspired games.

Beagrie is back in the hosting seat, joined by Qotsa_101, Shadoxkiller, Oldmanrob, Yama26, Soul_UK, Michael_Scott, and Sekoj.

As always, leave ratings and reviews of a positive nature in iTunes, or any other podcast management service of choice. If you wish to contact. As with last weeks, this podcast is unedited. For those that are interested, here's links to the podcasters' plugs;

Beagrie's Twitter
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Soul_UK's Twitter
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