Poll: Do you think regular Nether resets are a good idea ? (main server)
NO WAY!!!15.28%
Dont care.20.83%
Votes: 72
Comments: 3
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    6 years ago

    I'm sort of in-between both Shrapnel's and SpinDreams' opinions.

    I think a scheduled reset of the Nether is a good idea, as sometimes I have to hunt for ages in the Nether to gather materials, because all the ones near portals have gone (and I normally die in the process - hence not visiting the nether too often!).

    However, the fast travel routes are useful if you don't have a warp to a location in the overworld and fancy exploring.

    So I would say as a compromise, the nether should be reset every 3 months (I was going to say 6 months, but I think 3 would be better).

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    6 years ago

    Considering that the nether has been deemed by the gods of CF to be no a mans land in terms of building and that we have warp capability so making using it for travelling less useful, I would say make resets very regular.

    Some people on the server just use the nether as an excuse to pvp and blow up stuff anyway so the nether quickly becomes kinda useless and ugly.

    I would personally want the rules changed so pvp was off in the nether too but I've got a feeling that won't happen any time soon. SO next best thing, reset the nether every month would be best.. This would at least make it more useful for quartz and fortress hunting.

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    6 years ago

    I wouldn't want to them to be so frequent that any travel/farm setups people make end up not being worth the effort, but yes.

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